Sports Relief – Endurance Challenge!

This week 2S took part in Clapham Manor’s Endurance Challenge. We all wore our sports wear to school and brought a donation for Sports Relief. 2S raised over £30 which will help people in the UK and the rest of the world live happier, healthier and safer lives. We managed to run 56 laps around the Olympic Playground and had a well deserved rest in the shade afterwards!

Science and Engineering Week

We had a sciencetastic week in 2S!

We made our own spinners and experimented using different materials and length to make them fly further. We also created our own illusions based on the ‘Bird in a cage’, visited the Spinney, met a Robot and had a visit from a farm!

Can you remember why we see the Bird in the Cage? Or what makes spinners fly further? What about the name of the Robot? Leave your thoughts by commenting on this post…


The Spinney

This term we had our first visits to the Spinney in Year 2. It has been very cold but we wrapped up warm and had lots of fun! 

We have been linking our Spinney learning to our whole school Science week topic which was ‘Animals including humans’ so we had to spot any animals and discuss their features. We couldn’t believe it when we found worms and woodlice.. Some of us even held them! We have also linked our Spinney learning to our class science topic, ‘forces’. We made our own ball runs and experimented changing the height/ length of the run to make the ball travel faster. We finished our visits with a lovely hot chocolate and marshmallow!

Take a look at our gallery to see all the fun we have been having!


Chinese Cooking

On Monday, we were fortunate to have parent helpers teach us how to make Spring Rolls as part of our Chinese New Year learning. 

We grated, sliced and stir fried vegetables before rolling them in pastry to create our roll.

Here are some lovely pictures of our little chefs in action…

Trip to Chinatown

On Thursday we braved the freezing temperatures and visited Chinatown as part of our Geography and PSHE studies on celebrations and our local area. In preparation for our trip, we learnt about Chinese New Year by making our own lanterns and cooking traditional Chinese foods. During our trip we ate lunch in a Chinese restaurant and tried lots of new foods! 
What food did you most enjoy and why? Did you try anything new? If so, what did you try? Did you notice any Chinese symbols when walking around Chinatown? Leave your thoughts by commenting on this post and don’t forget to check out the gallery of pictures below…


Chinese Calligraphy

To celebrate Chinese New Year we learned about the art of Chinese calligraphy. We experimented with different brush strokes and tools then painted our final designs on to lanterns.

Which symbols did you use? What do you remember about the way in which Chinese is written? How is it different to our alphabet and writing system? Pop into class to see our lanterns on display and leave your comments on this post…

The Curly Wurly Challenge!

In Science we have been learning about forces. We learnt that there are two types of forces; push and pull. 

On Wednesday, our challenge was to use a range of different push and pull forces to make the Curly Wurly as long as possible without breaking.  We used 6 different techniques and investigated which force was best at changing the shape of the Curly Wurly.

Take a look at our pictures, can you recall the 6 techniques we used? Which force was the best? Did you think this one would be the best? Leave your thoughts by commenting on this post…


Half Term Challenge

Image result for apostrophe

We have been learning about apostrophes for contractions and possession. Can you think of any spellings that use an apostrophe to join or shorten words? How about writing a sentence that uses an apostrophe to show something belongs to someone?

For example:

Would not = wouldn’t

Philippa’s was very excited to see a koala in the wild.

Leave a comment on this post with your responses…

Zeraffa Giraffa Soiree

This term our English work has been based around the book Zeraffa Giraffa,

Image result for zeraffa giraffa

To celebrate finishing this topic we hosted a soiree in Year Two on Wednesday. Before the special event we wrote invitations to our friends in 2R and rehearsed a dance in our PE lessons to perform during the soiree. We also brought in our special outfits and some delicious treats to make the day even more special.  Did you enjoy having the soiree? Why? What was your favourite part? Why? Leave your responses by commenting on this post!

Brixton Windmill

On Monday, we visited Brixton Windmill and learnt about the stages of flour production. 

We were lucky enough to grind the grains with milestones, explore inside the Windmill and dress up in outfits worn by bakers, farmers and millers. 

Throughout the session we learnt about the role three main characters have in flour production; the miller, the farmer and the baker. Can you remember what each job is? What one would you rather be? Why? Leave your ideas by commenting on this post…