It’s panto season in Year 2 and we will be performing in the end of term production of ‘Dick Whittington’ in December.

Our class’ song is ’Gold’. Song words are attached below, along with the music for the song (it’s a little different to the original so don’t use YouTube versions!)

Song words:

Gold Lyrics Yr 2 (1)



We will be practising our dance and organising costumes over the coming weeks. Information about performance times and tickets will be in the school newsletter.

Happy singing!


Sumdog is a great website where you can practise your maths skills. We can see at school how well you are progressing and what activities you have been practising. Sometimes there are competitions and certificates awarded too!

We have stuck your username, password and school code in  your home learning books.

Here is the link to log-in to Sumdog and get started: 


Deen City Farm Excursion

This week we visited Deen City Farm to deepen our knowledge and understanding of  living things. We learnt about how animals are adapted to their habitats.

Take a look at the photographs of the things we saw and did and leave a comment on this post explaining what you found most interesting. What did you find out about? What was your favourite animal? Why? Was the farm what you expected? Share your thoughts…


Synagogue Excursion

This week we visited South London Synagogue as part of our Religious Education study around Judaism. Prior to the trip, we had studied Jewish festivals such as Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat.

At the synagogue, we explored the signs and symbols which are traditional in Jewish religion. Can you remember the name of any of the Jewish signs and symbols in our photos? Why are they important? Leave your thoughts by commenting on this post…

Here are some other photos of 2S enjoying their time at the Synagogue.

Toy Adverts

This term we are reading ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey.

This week we brought our own toys into school. In pairs we created adverts to try and sell our toys. This required us to describe the toy and show the audience what it can do and why it is special. Here are some pictures taken during the performances. Whose advert did you like the best? Why?

Take One Picture

Take One Picture is a competition for schools run every year by the National gallery in London. The gallery chooses a picture from its collection, and challenges schools to create artwork inspired by that piece.

Take a look at this years painting:

2S focused on the feelings of Penelope and created prints on tear drops. We used stencils, lace and rollers to create our teardrops. What do you think of our designs? 

Our work will be on display with every class’ Take One Picture artwork in an exhibition later this term. Last year some of our school’s work was displayed in the National Gallery, do you think we will make it this year?

Brixton Market Trip


This week, as part of our Black History Month celebrations we visited Brixton Market to learn about the way Afro-Caribbean culture has shaped the produce and products you can buy in our local area.

We explored other cultural influences and thought about the positive impact immigration has had in helping us to understand and respect people from different parts of the world. What did you buy that came from another country? What was it? How much did it cost? Did you get any change? Leave your thoughts by commenting on this post…

Clapham Transport Tracking

We took a trip to Clapham Common to make observations of our local area.

We observed the different types of transport people use in Clapham and recorded our results in a Tally Chart. We found that cars and buses were the most used mode of transport.

What is your favourite type of transport? Why?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment …