Brixton Market Trip


This week, as part of our Black History Month celebrations we visited Brixton Market to learn about the way Afro-Caribbean culture has shaped the produce and products you can buy in our local area.

We explored other cultural influences and thought about the positive impact immigration has had in helping us to understand and respect people from different parts of the world. What did you buy that came from another country? What was it? How much did it cost? Did you get any change? Leave your thoughts by commenting on this post…

Clapham Transport Tracking

We took a trip to Clapham Common to make observations of our local area.

We observed the different types of transport people use in Clapham and recorded our results in a Tally Chart. We found that cars and buses were the most used mode of transport.

What is your favourite type of transport? Why?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment …